Your transcript is a copy of your permanent academic record. You can think of it as an academic inventory of your time as a student at Indiana University

Transcripts are only official if sent directly from Indiana University.  If accessed/opened and shared again, the transcript is then unofficial.

Before you order, be sure all financial obligations to the university are clear/current. This includes your account with the Bursar, Student Loan Administration, or the Dean of Students/Greek Housing. If we encounter any financial holds, your request will be cancelled.

You will need a few things to order your transcript:

  • all names (including those used when you last attended Indiana University)
  • your date of birth
  • the last four digits of your social security number
  • the email address or physical address of where you need the transcript to go

Once you have gathered that information, click here.

Questions?  Please contact our office at (812) 855-4500 or

What information is on your transcript?

Please visit our Transcript Information page for details regarding what is shown on your transcript.