Your transcript is a copy of your permanent academic record. You can think of it as an academic inventory of your time as a student at Indiana University

Transcripts are only official if sent directly from Indiana University. If accessed/opened and shared again, the transcript is then unofficial. 

Unofficial transcripts are accessible by current, or recent, students who are able to login to their One.IU account. If you are unable to login, please request an official transcript.

Before you request a transcript, be sure obligations to the university are clear/current. This may include your account with the University Collections & Loan Services, Office of Student Conduct, or the Dean of Students/Greek Housing. Additionally, please review your request carefully BEFORE you submit. Requests may be canceled due to discrepancies, lack of information, or unresolved holds.

You will need a few things to request your official transcript:

  • all former names
  • your date of birth
  • the last four digits of your social security number
  • the email address or physical address of where you need the transcript to go directly to

Payment is only required for an official, paper transcript via express delivery. Once a request for express delivery has been submitted, there are NO REFUNDS.

When you are ready to request your transcript, click here.